experience includes

  • Wifi 
  • 2 flat screen televisions with cable (in kitchen/ living room)
  • a garden in the back with seating area and a pool in the summer
  • access to
  • basic household/kitchen amenities
  • enjoy breakfast with your hosts

The most important part of your  travels are the places you call home. 

You came here to experience life in NYC, and you deserve a home that is both welcoming and beautiful. We have a home you can call your own in New York but feel like you are part of something bigger. That is the essence of our homestay experience. 

We put effort in the details of our home which are always changing but always pleasant, comfortable, and a little bit eccentric. 

Our house is a reflection of our promise. To make you feel at home and introduce you to something new. 

Our House


Traditional and non-traditional families, singles, couples, retirees are now part of the homestay program. Today, the importance of actively hosting a student to experience and learn about each others local lifestyle and culture has become the priority for both the student and ourselves in a world where we must begin thinking about working together GLOBALLY to ensure "our" future on this earth in a peaceful manner. This experience is priceless and one that merits the reason why traveling students, adults and professionals should continue to use homestays as one of their accommodation options. If you are interested in Hosting a student for the reasons mentioned above, then please contact us for more information at victorianhomestay@gmail.com 

or here 

What is a homestay? 

A "homestay" is a cultural exchange in which a person visiting or temporarily staying in another country lives with a family in the host country.

Homestays involve long-term residents and should not be confused with a boarding-house or hotel experience in which a person only rents a room for a short time. A homestay property is a non-commercialized, private residence that accommodates a family and the roommates they host, who enjoy the comfort & security of a family home.

While students pay their own expenses for room and board, the purpose of a homestay is not just to provide a place to stay but to create an enriching learning experience for both the student and the host family. 

The Location


We are located in a culturally diverse neighborhood off of tree-lined Mosholu parkway.

The Bronx has a cultural heritage like no other. It is the home of world-famous Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, and Botanical Gardens. Our house is located in walking distance to the Bronx Botanical Gardens and in close proximity to Fordham University. 

We are conveniently located a 5 minute walking distance to the D train and 10 minute walking distance from the 4 train! Both run express to Manhattan which means you can take the 4 train directly to Grand Central Station and the D to Times Square in approximately 30 minutes.